Fake. Russian Channel 1 in a report about Slovyansk uses a two years old video form Kabardino-Balkaria


Russian Channel 1 in an evening news report on the 16th of May told about events in Slovyansk using two years old videos. 

In particular on minute 4:45 of the report they are telling about killed civilians. Here is a reference to the news report on the website vesti.ru.


In reality this video was made after an antiterrorist operation on the territory of the Baksan region of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Below is the news report of the Channel Vesti from 18.11.2012. Here is a reference to the report on website vesti.ru.

Here is the full video, which was published by the Russian National Anti-terrorist Committee.

Here is the official statement of the NAC of Russia, which was published on the website of the Committee:

Special operation in village Baksanyokon. Kabardino-Balkaria. 18th of November 2012.


  • Alexander Shkurat

    But in the headline you should use «from» instead of «form»… )

  • George Orwell

    English speaking Ukrainians / Russians, please help translating or editing news from Ukraine. Stopdoublethink.com is collaborative platform which aims to facilitate news coverage for people outside of Ukraine. All you need is just register and start contributing.

    • Evol Ving

      There is also Voices of Ukraine/ Maidan Translations where many articles are translated into English.

  • wendoman

    Украинское СМИ Корр.нет использовало видео двухлетней давности из Кабардино-Балкарии в сюжете об очередной перемоге АТО под Краматорском 15 мая 2014 г.

    • Oleg Hutsalenko

      Хороший приём — назвать черное белым, а белое черным. В тексте всё ТУПО наоборот.

  • Bruno

    As expected western news outlets are getting desperate.

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